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The first thyroid-friendly multi combined with essential fats, a full dose of vitamin D and extra calcium/magnesium. How many bottles of pills do you open and close every day? How...

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The first thyroid-friendly multi combined with essential fats, a full dose of vitamin D and extra calcium/magnesium.

How many bottles of pills do you open and close every day? How long does it take you to pack pills before your trip? Are your vitamins helping or hurting your thyroid?

    I've left out iodine since supplementing with it blocks your thyroid and I've left out iron so it is safe for menopausal women and men. 

    I went on Amazon and priced out the closest products I could find. It took 10 products and the total was $229.84 and they still were not the same quality ingredients.

    At just 99.97 for a one month supply(60 packets), you are saving over $129.

     Try my Daily Reset Pack.  I'm confident you'll feel better, free up your time, and spend less!



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Laura Fleming
    Great new packaging! Product always awesome.

    I have been taking daily reset for years. Before I had a lot of bottles and it took so much time to put them in my pill case which meant I would miss a dose once in a while. Now I never miss one. Also, because I know that Dr. C. would only use the best supplements, I am assured that I am getting great quality. I trust him. My entire family including my 21 and 17 yr old are taking Daily Reset. New packaging is great. I just take a few minutes to rip them apart when I open the box so that they are ready when I need them. Great new design. Thank you!

    Beatriz Perez
    Complete vitamin reset pack

    No iodine-methylated Bs-selenium-D3 wK2
    No iron-soluble Ca dimalate-and many

    Janet Galton

    I don’t really see a difference. But it would be nice if we only needed one pack a day.

    Tamara Peterec
    Packets are being updated

    I like the original packets. The new ones are not functional as it rips onto other side. I would have to pack it again with a ziplock. The original ones are much functional.

    Yolanda Holmes
    Living and thriving…

    20 years I struggled with hypothyroidism most of those years I followed traditional medical advice, which included partial thyroidectomy and years on Synthroid Rx. I loss all th thyroid gland, which grew back with multiple nodules. After researching online alternative treatment I was treated by a naturopath physician who educated me on developing a healthy lifestyle and prescribed a natural alternative medication. Gradually, my Ts. Levels began to normalize and was weaned off the Rx. Today I continue to thrive on the only Rx I consume , which is the Daily Reset Pack. Now living in TX I just had a physical and all is normal except for my cholesterol levels, which has always high even when I followed a strict non-fat level. I will continue this treatment as it has helped me maintain strength and wellbeing allowing me to practice archery daily, strengthening exercises and enjoy my 9 grandkids. Grateful and blessed.

    Customer Reviews

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