Thyroid Reset Program

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New Health & Wellness Protocol Clinically Proven To REVERSE Symptoms of Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, Grave’s Disease, and More... Dr. Alan Christianson’s Thyroid Reset I’ve Helped Tens of Thousands of Thyroid Patients...

New Health & Wellness Protocol Clinically Proven To REVERSE Symptoms of Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, Grave’s Disease, and More...

Dr. Alan Christianson’s

Thyroid Reset

I’ve Helped Tens of Thousands of Thyroid Patients Lose Stubborn Weight, Restore Creeping Hairlines, Reclaim Physical Energy & Sexual Vitality, Eliminate Brain Fog and Experience Mental Clarity & Emotional Well-being…

WITHOUT a Truckload of Pills… WITHOUT Potentially Dangerous Surgeries… And WITHOUT Compromising Your Lifestyle...

And Now This Simple 7-Week Plan Can Help You Too.

Dear Reader,

If you suspect your Thyroid might not be working right…

Or if you already know for a FACT that your Thyroid is out of whack, and you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Excessive Weight You Can’t Lose No Matter What You Try
  • Steadily Thinning Hair
  • Mood Swings, Short Temper and/or Emotional Distress
  • Anxiety, Self-Consciousness, Depressing/Negative Thoughts
  • Trouble Focusing/Short Term Memory Loss
  • Insomnia & Bed-Drenching Night Sweats
  • Constant, Soul-Sucking Fatigue
  • Unattractive Acne, Pallid Skin, Rashes, Loss of Eyebrow Hair or Other Cosmetic Skin Conditions

...Then make sure to pay close attention to what you’re about to read, because it could very well be the key to getting your health — and your LIFE — back on track.

Here’s What You’re Going To Get When You Enroll In The 7 Week Thyroid Reset Program:

Over my 20+ years of treating Thyroid Disease in my clinic, Integrative Health, in Scottsdale, Arizona, I’ve identified seven distinct and crucial aspects you must focus on in order to restore your Thyroid to optimal health…

These seven steps are the basis for the Thyroid Reset Protocol, and the program is designed to help you integrate them into your life one at a time, in order of importance over the course of seven weeks.

Each week you’ll dive deep into one of these “Health Factors” so that you can understand why it’s important, and activate it in your life.

Let’s take a closer look at the 7 Steps To Lasting Thyroid Health...

Week One: Diagnosis

In week one of the Thyroid Reset Protocol, you’ll learn how to accurately diagnose your personal thyroid condition, so that you can plan your treatment with precision, and avoid the dangers of misdiagnosis.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the first module of videos:

    • Learn exactly WHAT your thyroid is, what it does, and how to know whether it’s functioning properly (I call this section “Thyroid 101” and once you’ve gone through it, you’ll know as much about your thyroid as most doctors)
    • Discover how to monitor the state of your thyroid function (so you can identify how it affects the overall functions of your body)
    • Learn how to accurately identify your thyroid-specific symptoms (and learn how to track them so you can observe your healing progress)
    • Find out what common thyroid tests most regular doctors use to diagnose thyroid conditions, and exactly what those tests mean (and what additional tests to request if your initial results don’t align with your intuition)
    • Get the inside scoop on a few uncommon tests that are absolutely crucial to get if you suspect you may have thyroid issues (one of these tests could very well mean the difference between catching thyroid cancer before it’s too late, or letting it go untreated!)
  • And more...
  • Week Two: Dose

    In week two of the Thyroid Reset Protocol, you’ll dive deep into the do’s and don’ts of medication and supplementation, so that you can dial in your medication for maximum benefit and minimum side effects, and streamline your vitamin supplementation to boost thyroid function, while avoiding the “pitfall” supplements that might inhibit your healing and actually cause major thyroid damage.

    Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the module two videos:

      • Find out how to know if you actually NEED thyroid medication (there are 3 types of thyroid conditions in which medication is a must, and you’ll learn how to tell if you fall into one of them)
      • Discover how to tell when lowering your dosage could actually multiply the effectiveness of your healing (so you can speed up your recovery while simultaneously eliminating the need for meds)
      • Learn how to know when getting off medication is the best course of action for regaining your health (plus my personal strategy for safely doing so)
      • Find out what the best medication options are if you don’t want to develop a long-term dependence on them (and how to safely reduce the need for medication if you already ARE dependent on one)
      • Discover the difference between daily supplementation and special circumstance supplementation (some supplements are necessary to take every day, while others are hugely beneficial for a short period of time, but can become harmful if taken regularly)
      • Learn which supplements should be used alone, or in conjunction with medication (and which ones become redundant and even harmful if mixed with meds)
  • And more...
  • Week Three: Diet

    In week three of the 7-week Thyroid Reset Protocol, you’ll learn how to dial in your diet for long-term health and longevity. The food choices you make can have a dramatic affect on your thyroid health, and in week 3 you will learn the simple eating changes that anyone can make in order to boost thyroid function — and how to personalize your diet to fuel your health for life.

    Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the module three videos:

      • Find out which common foods are interfering with your thyroid (and which foods are causing other hormonal imbalances in your body, triggering additional symptoms — like inflammation-caused love handles)
      • Learn which types of food to eat in the morning, afternoon, evening, or before bed (eating certain “healthy” foods at the wrong time of day can actually have a negative impact on your thyroid function, digestion, and other health factors)
      • Discover how to calculate the actual nutritional rations you should be aiming for in your food and meal choices in order to maximize your health and boost thyroid function (at a cellular level, your body is actually made out of food - making a few subtle changes in your diet can make every bite truly serve your health)
      • Learn how to sift through all the opinions about food and diet advice that’s circulating right now in order to identify the type of eating plan that is truly best for you (there’s no one-size-fits-all “miracle” diet, so you have to make sure to figure out which one fits your body and your goals)
  • And more...
  • Week Four: Digestion

    In week four of the Thyroid Reset Protocol, you’ll learn all about how to optimize your digestion. When your digestion isn’t working properly, even eating the right foods may not give you the right results, so it is of vital importance for your thyroid and hormonal health that you learn how to determine whether you’re dealing with any digestive issues, and if so, how you can correct the problems and get back on track.

    Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the module four videos:

      • Discover how to identify leaky gut, irritable bowel, and other common digestive conditions (and how to adjust your eating and supplementation to correct the issue)
      • Get the top-to-bottom “tour” of your digestive system, so you understand how it is supposed to work, and how you can make sure it actually IS working (so you truly get the most nutritional benefit out of your food so you can fuel your recovery)
      • Learn the top “thyroid safe” foods that can help you restore your healthy gut bacteria (plus, which foods you’re probably eating right now that are wiping out your flora and destroying your gut lining)
      • Find out WHEN to eat in order to make your gut happy (and when NOT to eat, at the risk of giving yourself lasting digestive issues)
  • And more...

    Week Five: Detox

    In week five of the 7-week Thyroid Reset Protocol, you will learn all about the absolute necessity of detoxifying your thyroid and your body in general, and how doing so will almost instantly increase your energy, short-term memory, and creativity. Your thyroid acts as a sponge. It accumulates toxins from your environment and the food you eat, and it has been since the day you were born. In this module, you will learn how to control what is absorbed, making sure that what goes in, also comes back out.

    Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the module five videos:

      • Find out how to tell if your thyroid is in a state of high-toxicity (and how to flush all those poisonous toxins out to restore healthy thyroid function)
      • Discover why detoxing is more important now than ever before (the changes in the way we process and prepare food over the last century have affected certain food groups dramatically, and you’re about to find out which ones and why)
      • Learn how to pre-emptively “toxin-proof” your body and environment (so that even though you’re still coming into contact with toxins, your body doesn’t cling to them and impact your health in the same way)
      • Discover the top “black-listed” sources of thyroid-harming toxins (how to avoid them, and how to heal yourself if you’ve already let them into your system)
  • And more...

    Week Six: Daily Rhythms

    In week six of the Thyroid Reset Protocol, you’ll learn about the intimate relationship between your thyroid and your adrenal glands. In many ways, your Thyroid and your Adrenals work in a sort of “chicken or the egg” cycle, where the health of one affects the health of the other. Your adrenal glands manage whether your body is awake or asleep, alert or foggy… so if they’re not functioning normally, they could be exacerbating your thyroid-related symptoms, and inhibiting your thyroid from healing — even if you have proper medication and diet in place.

    Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the module six videos:

      • Discover how your daily adrenal rhythms can make your weight fluctuate over the course of days and weeks (so you can track the changes and know whether they’re healthy and normal, or a sign that something is off)
      • Learn exactly how your adrenal glands affect thyroid function (and how they can influence the effectiveness of your medications, supplements, diet, exercise, and all the other factors in your thyroid recovery)
      • Find out the simplest way to restore your adrenal function (whether it’s simple adrenal fatigue, or something more serious)
      • Discover how adrenal problems can actually look like thyroid issues (which can lead to misdiagnosis and unnecessary or wrong medication if you’re not careful)
      • Learn the difference between adrenal fatigue and true adrenal disease (so you know whether you can heal them with simple diet and lifestyle changes, or if you need to take more drastic measures)
  • And more...

    Week Seven: Design Your Health For Life

    In the final module of the 7 Week Thyroid Reset Protocol, you will take the new strategies for restoring your health that you’ve learned throughout the first six weeks, and look at how you can turn them into your new norm — so that you can look forward to a long life of health and vitality. This is where we resolve any and ALL “health blockers” that could possibly remain after you’ve activated the first 6 steps in your recovery.

    Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the module seven videos:

      • Find out how to plan for long-term health (and how to track changes in your weight, energy, and more along the way to make sure you’re progressing)
      • Discover how to take everything you’ve learned throughout the program and turn your new knowledge into deep rooted, unconscious lifestyle habits (so that you develop and maintain radiant health by default)
      • Learn how to design an easy-to-follow, long term recovery plan (so that as time goes on you rely less and less on willpower, and all your choices naturally serve your health)
      • Find out when it’s okay to “take breaks” in your diet or exercise, in the initial “push” toward recovery (so you can sit back, regroup, and dive in to solidifying these changes with renewed energy and excitement)
      • Discover my proprietary schedules & systems that I prescribe to my clinical patients to ensure lasting success and recovery (it comes down to what I call “habit choreography” and makes following ANY diet or exercise regime simple and easy)
  • And more...

    And to make absolutely sure that you’re able to reclaim your health as quickly and easily as possible… I’ve also included some bonuses for added “Success Insurance”...

    BONUS #1: Resources Library

    Just inside your personal “member’s only” Thyroid Reset Program dashboard, you’ll find a whole host of other fantastic tools to help you on your journey including my special “Resources Library” to help you get the most out of your Thyroid Reset journey, take a look:


    Resources include:

    • Customized spreadsheets for tracking your BMI & Metabolism, Average Heart Rate, and Medication & Supplementation
    • Detailed Handouts on How To Rid Your Diet of Toxic Metals, How To Identify and Correct Vitamin D Deficiency, and How To Supplement Calcium for Optimal Health
    • Recipe Books for Delicious and Nutritious, Thyroid and Adrenal Healing Shakes and Meals
    • And More...


    BONUS #2: Thyroid Reset Exercise Series

    Another great bonus you’ll find in your member’s area, is an additional video series detailing two quick and easy workouts I’ve designed to help balance your hormones, boost your metabolism, and speed up your thyroid recovery.

    No matter what your fitness level is right now you’ll be able to take advantage of these simple yet highly effective and easy to perform exercises! (under 15 minutes for each one!)

    You can do them anywhere, with nothing more than your own body weight, so no need to go out and buy a bunch of expensive equipment or costly gym membership — and they’re guaranteed to leave you feeling energized and primed for health.


    BONUS #3: Thyroid Reset Community & Coaching

    When you enroll in the Thyroid Reset Program, you will not only be gaining access to the most advanced and carefully-tested protocol for rejuvenating thyroid health in the world…

    You also become part of a world-wide community of folks just like you, in all stages of their Thyroid Reset Journey.

    The power of this community may be the most valuable piece of the puzzle when it comes to healing your thyroid…

    With any change in your diet or lifestyle — no matter how beneficial — it can be incredibly challenging to stick to it when you feel like you’re on your own…

    But with a community, your journey back to health becomes a Team Effort that you get to celebrate each day with people who know what you’ve been through and know what you’re working to overcome, because they’re either going through it with you — or have already gone through it and are smiling back to you from the other side, calling you home.

    Knowing you’ve got a group of people rooting for you will keep you accountable, keep you energized, and help you to believe in yourself and stay the course on the days when you might not have had the motivation to do it yourself.

    And the best part: Your access to the Thyroid Reset Community doesn’t end when you finish the 7 week program…

    Once you enroll, you’re a member of this family for LIFE!

    BONUS #4: Specialist Trainings By World-Renowned Experts

    Even though 7 Weeks of personalized videos, tools, resources, and Life-Long Community support seems like enough, I LOVE to overodeliver so,  I’ve also recruited some of the leading medical professionals to contribute their knowledge to your Thyroid Recovery.

    For decades, I’ve made it my mission to develop a holistic, food-based approach to treating thyroid disease…

    However, there are many doctors who specialize in other specific areas of study, which has given them unique insights into certain aspects of Thyroid Health.

    That’s why I decided to reach out to my network of healthcare specialists, so that we can tackle your thyroid health from every angle and heal your symptoms as quickly as possible:

    • Dr. Izabella Wentz - Compounded Medication Strategies
    • Dr. Sara Gottfried - Menopause and Thyroid Disease
    • Dr. Ben Lynch - The Genetics Thyroid Health
    • Robyn Openshaw - Vegan Options for Thyroid Health
    • Dr. Trevor Cates - Healing Your Skin from Thyroid Disease

    If you’re reading this right now, you’re at a crossroads…

    And there’s a choice you have to make for your health and future.

    You can continue to either “do nothing” or continue paying co-pay after co-pay hoping that your doctor will finally find something to help you… or you can take the first step toward your ultimate health and well being.

    As I’m sure you’d agree, it’s impossible to put a price tag on your health.

    And while the sheer volume of material, resources, and bonuses I’ve included in this program could easily justify a multi-thousand dollar investment…

    The whole reason I created this e-learning platform for the program is because I truly believe that this healing protocol can and WILL change the way that Thyroid Disease is treated, and PREVENTED, on a global scale…

    For that reason, I’ve decided to make the entire 7 Week Thyroid Reset Program — along with all the Resources, the Exercise video series, the Guest Expert specialty training videos, and LIFETIME access to the Thyroid Reset virtual community — available at a rate that ANYONE who’s serious about recovering their health can afford.

    Thank you for the time you’ve invested today in reading this letter. I look forward to sharing this journey back to health with you, and supporting you in whatever way my team and I can.

    Yours in good health,