Thyroid Event for Practitioners Early Bird

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You and I need to join forces at a LIVE EVENT this spring so we can give those with thyroid disease the safest, most straightforward path to feeling better and...

You and I need to join forces at a LIVE EVENT this spring so we can give those with thyroid disease the safest, most straightforward path to feeling better and living normal lives again.  

Because we are on the verge of a Thyroid Renaissance.

Functional docs know it.

Naturopathic physicians know it.

Conventional practitioners know it. 

Health coaches know it.  

And all I can say is, “Thank Goodness!”


Here are the details:

Event: 1st Annual Practitioners Event

Phoenix, AZ 

March 27-28th 2020

Let’s get to the bottom of the thyroid issues that both you and I hear the most about from our patients, other practitioners, and our followers:

  • Can food really can reverse thyroid disease? What if it could without restricting any categories?
  • How come some people still don’t feel well even if they are on thyroid treatment?
  • Can your patient have Hashimoto’s even if their antibody test is negative?
  • Why do diets as different as vegan and autoimmune paleo both work for some people but not others?
  • How to help your patients get off thyroid medication? Can certain blood levels make it easier?
  • Why thyroid levels shoot up and down from test to test?
  • How to tell if your patients need more or less iodine?
  • What happened to natural desiccated thyroid? Does it still work?
  • How to deal with reverse T3? Are there options besides T3 medication?

You would be amazed at how much new information has come out about thyroid disease in the last few years! 

I’ve treated thyroid disease and had over 100,000 patient visits since 1996. I’ve spent most of the last year researching the new literature for a new thyroid book. It is for the lay readers and will come out in 2021.

That is why I’m reaching out to you...because so much of what I learned is only helpful for practitioners. I thought about writing a book just for professionals, but I think it would work better if we could talk in person so you can ask questions and apply it to your cases.

To be specific, we’ll cover:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  • Subclinical Hypothyroidism

You will learn how to use a three-step system so that you can help those patients even in the trickiest situations.

The first part of it is about diet. There are conflicting diets recommended for thyroid patients. It is not a matter of trial and error and hoping people land on the right one. There is a common thread that you can test for and apply. The best part is that no one will need to completely avoid any food categories or eat any foods they don’t want to.

The second step is all about thyroid levels. We will go way beyond ‘normal’ and even beyond ‘optimal.’ You’ll be able to start practice on Monday morning, March 9th and tell your patients which levels will fit their personal needs so that they can feel better, avoid chronic diseases, and coax their thyroid back online. If they are on medications, you’ll even know the exact brands and micrograms for their next steps.

The third step is sorting out any other hidden conditions. Did you know people with thyroid disease usually have more than one thing affecting them? There are 15 conditions that piggyback onto thyroid disease. You’ll be able to know who has what and how they can feel better. This category is not about an alternative diagnosis. It is the everyday diagnosis that just get missed.

    It really is an exciting time to be working with thyroid disease. I’d love to have you join the movement and get the word out.

    Register now so you can join those ready to lead the Thyroid Renaissance!

    PS...If you are a medical student or SCNM Alumni please contact for student pricing.