Daily Reset Shake and RS Complete MRD Challenge Bundle

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All you will need for Dr.C's Metabolism 7 Day Reset Diet Challenge.  Chocolate or Vanilla. 2 Shakes a Day. One for Breakfast and one for Lunch. We have got you...

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Flavor: Chocolate Shake
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All you will need for Dr.C's Metabolism 7 Day Reset Diet Challenge.  Chocolate or Vanilla. 2 Shakes a Day. One for Breakfast and one for Lunch. We have got you covered.     

You will need one shake for the 7-Day challenge and two shakes for the full 28 day program. 

Dr. C's Daily Reset Shakes come in Vanilla and Chocolate. Both are designed to taste like a healthy version of a sweet milkshake with only adding water. And both are approved for the Metabolism Reset Diet & Adrenal Reset Diet. If you prefer a “savory” or “spicy” shake instead, add herbs and spices like cinnamon, cardamon, basil, ginger, etc. And/or add unlimited foods like pumpkin or spinach. You can also safely warm up your shake using hot water if you prefer a hot drink.

* The chocolate shake low in iodine and theobromine, so it is the only chocolate approved for the Metabolism Reset Diet

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov”



Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Great Product and MRD Program

I highly recommend this MRD program! This was my first time doing anything like this. It was easy to follow, with all the food lists and videos.

I am not a daily coffee drinker, so giving up caffeine was no problem for me. I felt good consuming the (pea) plant protein, it’s healthy and was well received by my body. Surprisingly, vanilla was my favorite over chocolate, and I was not hungry the entire 4 weeks, with meals about 4 hrs apart.

The Resistant Starch (RS) seemed to help the lower GI very well, getting rid of bloating/gas and inches. I just needed to start with half scoop each shake the first week, then a bit more each scoop the 2nd-4th weeks, to reach the 1 scoop per shake. Full scoop my first shake caused diarrhea, but working up slowly had good effects on my gut after that.

I'm excited to have my labs done soon, to chart the progress of my vitamin D, thyroid levels, and blood sugar! I am definitely planning to do another reset in a month or two, to stay on top of my health and liver cleansing journey. Thanks, Dr C!

Toni Davis

I did not like the chocolate It was way too rich. I ended up using another plant based shake instead

Sherilyn Ridgwell
Easy to Follow

This was an easy 28-day reset. If it was difficult I wouldn’t have done it! Was tired as Dr C discusses in his book- highly recommend! Would like n-acetylene cysteine supplement to be part of this or arrive after the 28-days! Ready to order!

Kristen Iott

I was surprised, I felt satisfied with a protein shake and (starch resistance in my tea) for breakfast. It taste great with water. I lost 2 lbs of stubborn fat. I will but it again. I will stay the course.

Complete Meal

My husband and I are on day 7 of our own schedule for the Metabolism Reset Diet. We purchased the Chocolate Daily Reset Shake & the RS Complete as it contains everything we need, and frankly it’s easy. It’s pleasant tasting and satisfying. No hunger pains in between shakes. We plan to continue the reset diet for another three weeks.

Customer Reviews

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